Thursday, August 9, 2012


Miguel will be releasing his new album "Kaleidoscope Dream" on October 2nd, but he doesn't want his fans to go emptied handed until then . He has released a couple of EPs and it's one that absolutely stands out . His amazing song 'Adorn' is one that no one will forget . I have never paid attention to it before when I heard it on the radio , but i decided to give it a try . When you first listen to the song , you are pulled in by the amazing beat that makes you want to stick around and see what the rest of the song has to offer . It makes me look forward to see what his whole entire album is going to be like . Not to mention that the song is beautiful when you focus on the lyrics . I think I might have to purchase his new album on October 2nd !

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elle Varner

So , I recently purchased Elle Varner's new album , Perfectly Imperfect & I love it !!! Her whole entire album is diverse with beats that are totally amazing . I just adore how she's not afraid to try something new . The music world definitely needs more artists like her . I recommend others to hurry and buy her new album .

First Post

Hey guys !! First blog post everrrrr ! Just got back from a 4 day vacay in South Carolina . It was an amazing trip and a wonderful experience !!